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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend work

Because I have worked full-time again only since last August, this is the first summer in a few years that I've had to pack all of those fun summer "things" in during the weekend. And with laundry, chores, seasonal projects (today I spent time staining new doors for our downstairs bathroom and closet), fitting in fun can be tough.

Unlike last weekend, when the girls had plenty of time at the pool and everything ran smoothly, this weekend didn't start on a good note. About five minutes after leaving work, two 14-year-old boys on a moped T-boned the side of my vehicle. I was just driving along, straight, when they pulled out of an alley. Before I could do anything, I heard the sickening thud on my driver's side and saw them laying in the street behind me.

I was SO panicked and ran out of the car, but the boys were already attempting to get back on the moped and drive away. I insisted they stay, to make sure they were OK, and also because a hit-and-run would NOT have been a good idea for them. They seemed like nice boys...but unlicensed...not wearing helmets....on an unregistered vehicle....just thankfully, they were not injured enough to seek medical attention. I don't know at this point what the insurance company will do about my car (it's 12 years old and the smash on the driver's side rear quarter panel isn't affecting anything). I hope they do not "total" my car.

Then today, Anna had a bit of a stomach bug, which is never fun. We managed to run some errands this morning and I stained the doors and created a new bow set that will be listed tomorrow or Monday (think Gymbo)....but hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to add a little fun into the schedule.


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