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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Immersed in bows

This week I began working with Adorables Children Boutique to match their Fall and Winter wardrobe selections. I must say, the outfits are fantastic! Kate Mack, Biscotti, My Vintage Baby....beautiful items. Did you know that Malia Obama wore Biscotti to her dad's inauguration? That's what I call style! Adorables is also having a blowout sale for their spring lines. Check out the great prices.

I would love for there to be more hours in the day, so I could sew more. Natalia's quilt is still patiently waiting to be completed, and I'd love to sew the girls some cute outfits. Have you seen Sew It Up? I met the owner, Lorene, at the quilt show in Chicago in April -- drawn to her booth by the beautiful and trendy outfits she displayed there. She sells kits with the fabric and patterns, and you make them yourself!

In addition to creating new designs for Adorables and working on orders from my own website, I am slowly working on bow-making directions and pattern kits, scheduled to arrive by the fall. Want to make your own bows for your little nestlings? I'll teach you how, and will be planing some kits of my own (ribbon included) so you can start creating!

Meanwhile, Natalia has developed a bit of a sunglasses fascination. Here's one of my favorite shots of her, sportin' her frames!


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