Birdsong Bows: Holiday cheer!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday cheer!

We stayed home for the holidays and hosted Christmas at our house. After three days of baking cookies, which is the maximum amount of time I want to stay in the kitchen, I ordered a lasagna from a local Italian deli and served it for Christmas.

We didn't have a white Christmas, but it did snow a couple of days later, and Natalia and Mr. Birdsong made this little snow girl. Sadly she doesn't have much longer to "live" because it's a bit too warm, but it was fun to have her around while we did. :)

I've been spending my "off" time sewing and have a useful little tutorial to post this week, on measuring your fabric for ruffles if you use a ruffler foot! So if you have one of those feet and have been a little intimidated by it....tune in soon and I'll show you how easy it is!

Enjoy the remainder of the holiday season, and blessings to you and your families! :)


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