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Monday, April 23, 2012

4-H sewing: Choosing the pattern and fabrics

It's 4-H time again, and my daughter Anna wants to continue learning how to sew. Her Level III project has several requirements, including either adding buttons or a zipper to a garment. Since she's always wanted to make a structured shirt, we chose this pattern together:

Anna likes her fabrics WILD. I'm going to make a shirt for her first, to see what the pitfalls and difficult parts of the pattern are (there always seems to be a minor stumbling block here or there). She chose the black print on the left, so I wanted to sew a shirt with a totally different-looking small print. However, she chose the batik on the upper right for me to sew with. I thought the two fabrics looked too similar, but it's what she wanted (and she's the one who will wear these shirts, ha). Anna is planning to sew Pattern A, with short sleeves and the ruffle:

I'll post some photos as she goes along!



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