Birdsong Bows: FREE Headband Instructions: How to make a no-sew, fabric-wrapped headband

Friday, November 16, 2012

FREE Headband Instructions: How to make a no-sew, fabric-wrapped headband

A beautiful but simple headband is a perfect accessory for any outfit! This is an easy, no-sew method for making a professional-looking headband with just a bit of fabric and a plastic, 1"-wide headband.
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Supplies Needed:
1. A 1-inch plastic headband; can be purchased at The Ribbon Retreat.
2. Scrap of fabric large enough to place the headband template on a fold, on the bias. Fat eighths are good here; I used a fat quarter I had already.
3. Acid Free Spray adhesive. I use the Craft Bond brand, found at many craft stores in the adhesives section.
4. Piece of scrap cardboard or paper to protect your work surface when spraying.
5. Latex-free surgical gloves to protect your hands from the glue (can be found in any pharmacy)
6. Marking tools
7. Pins and scissors
8. Piece of paper to draw your template
9. Chinese braid, enough to go along the entire inside of the headband. This can also be purchased at The Ribbon Retreat.
10. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
11. Wood burning tool or Fray Check to apply to the edges of the Chinese braid, so it won't unravel. Or you may tuck it underneath and glue in place.
Step 1 (below): Find the center of your headband (there's usually a raised bump there) and make a tiny mark on each side. You'll need to know where the center is later.
Step 2 (shown in the three photos below): Lay your headband on the sheet of paper. Starting from the mid-point of the headband (which you've just marked), draw a dashed line all the way around half of the headband and stop once you've gotten back to the midpoint.
Step 3 (shown below): Now draw a solid line 1/2" away from the dotted lines, most of the way around EXCEPT the straight center line. You can also taper to about 3/8 of an inch around the rounded end of the template. Again, don't add the solid line to the straight side (center line). Mark your template so you know what it is later! Also mark "fold" on the straight midpoint side.
Step 4 (below:) Fold your fabric on the diagonal and place your template with the short side on the fold. Pin and cut.
Step 5 (below): Fold in half and make a light mark showing the center of the fabric.
Step 6: Take your fabric, headband, gloves, spray adhesive and scrap cardboard protector to a well-ventilated area. I do this outside and test the spray to see which way the wind is blowing...and I make sure I'm clear from the spray path.
Step 7: This part goes fast! Spray a thin layer of adhesive along the WRONG side of your headband fabric. Don't over-soak it or the glue will leak to the front. IMMEDIATELY lay the center of the headband onto the center line you drew on your fabric.
Step 8: Very quickly roll the plastic headband over the fabric. Make sure you've placed it on straight! As you roll, the fabric will attach easily.
Step 9: Repeat on the other side, until the fabric is fully adhered to the top of the headband.
Step 10 (next three photos below): Quickly and neatly wrap the excess fabric to the inside, making sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles on the outside of the headband. The inside does not need to be perfect, because it will be covered with the Chinese braid. Taper the ends and fold them inward.
Step 11: Warm up your hot glue gun and glue. Use it to securely place the tapered fabric ends to the underside of the headband.
Step 12: Measure your Chinese braid so that it's the same size, or a bit longer, than the inside of the headband.
Step 13: You may either use Fray Check or a woodburning tool brushed across the raw first edge of the braid to "seal" it. Or you may tuck it underneath while you're gluing it down.
Step 14 (next two photos below): Apply your hot glue about 3 inches at a time to the inside of the headband, pressing your Chinese braid onto it as you work. You'll need to do this a little at a time, because the glue dries quickly. Be careful! The glue is hot. Seal the second edge or fold it down and glue once you've reached the end.
The headband is ready to wear!
This quick project is perfect for matching bridesmaids accessories (and even for the bride). The headband fits from girls to adults, so it's very versatile. If you want to make this in other sizes, measure your cutting line slightly differently for each. For instance, a 2-inch headband will need a cutting line that's 1 inch wider than the outline of your headband. Be sure to taper the allowance as you get closer to the rounded "point" edges or you'll have too much fabric to fold inward there.
Enjoy! How many can you make today? :) Please share your creations on Birdsong Patterns' Facebook page - everyone will love to see them.
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What a darling,cute & easy craft for the younger girls to do !! Thanks for sharing this !!

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