Birdsong Bows: Lovely hand-me-downs

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lovely hand-me-downs

Have you ever thoroughly enjoyed sharing hand-me-downs between your children? I love when I have boutique outfits and bows that our first daughter wore and we can share them with our younger daughter. They're five years apart so some styles are out-of-date and some clothes don't make it in storage for that long - they come out looking dingy and lifeless. But I remembered the turquoise and orange outfit from six years ago and thought it would now fit daughter #2, shown sitting on my husband's lap. This photo was taken in April 2007!

Turns out the outfit fit perfectly on our younger daughter - and the bows I made were nicely preserved as well! She was tickled to receive the outfit and loved modeling it for me, too. :)



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