Birdsong Bows: Teeny Toppers and going underground

Monday, January 14, 2008

Teeny Toppers and going underground

I was looking through auctions and spotted this outfit by very talented designer, Debbie, of *little*noel*. The auction stood out to me because it was so pretty, and when I clicked on it, I noticed that model Bella was wearing one of the bows I designed for babies -- the Teeny Topper. Meant for babies with just the tiniest amount of hair, I was pleased to see that it worked well to sweep back longer hair as well! Feel free to see it on the Birdsong Bows website on her sister Ava. This bow and other clippies are being offered with FREE SHIPPING through the end of February.

My daughter Anna and I had another gem of a conversation on Friday. She wanted me to drive over the "underground railroad." Thinking this was a good time for a brief history lesson, I talked briefly about the horror of slavery and what the underground railroad really was. She said, "No, mom. I'm talking about the real underground railroad -- like in cities." Ahhh -- the subway. I guess that's an underground railroad too!


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