Birdsong Bows: Socks on Hands and Heads

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Socks on Hands and Heads

Natalia, our youngest, is our quiet child. She doesn't say much. Just a couple of weeks shy of age 2, she says just enough not to invoke fear of a developmental delay. But she had a particularly chatty day, repeating almost everything we asked her to say.

While she napped, I made some covered-button Pony-Os for my Birdsong Bows website. One set was of this lime green, "sock monkey" print shown here in her off-kilter pigtails:

When my husband retrieved her from her nap, she proudly came into the room wearing her red Gymboree socks on her hands, like gloves. She was clapping and waving them like mad. I decided she was a little sock monkey, too, so I put one of the Pony-O's in her hair. I told her it was a Sock Monkey.

She pointed to the top of her head, grabbed the Pony-O and said, "SOCK MONKEY!"

And to think it took her so long to call me Mama instead of Dada.....


Blogger Holly Stocke said...

Nice blog!!! I enjoyed reading your posts and listening to your playlist. U-B-Bloggin', girl! Have fun with it!

Hol (peytons_place_boutique)

January 19, 2008 at 11:42 PM  

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