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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The back side of boutique....

Ever want to see the "back side" of boutique? If so, here it is, while hunting for eggs at Grandma and Grandpa's house! :) Anna's outfit is by Monica of Dominga Luna, and Natalia's was previously pictured here, by Sugar Sweet Boutique.

OK, I've been tagged by three people while I was on break! LOL. I will get to those this week, promise!

It's spring, and lots of projects are in the wings. I will not have a focus on eBay during the next few months. But when I do list on eBay, it will be with the wonderful designers of SweetStreet! I'm so glad to be part of that group. If you're looking for boutique clothing items including purses, dresses, boys' wear, jewelry and logos/templates, be sure to search SweetStreet.

As for being in an exclusive bow group -- I loved the gals in BowBetties and was sad this week when I decided to leave. Unfortunately, I won't have enough time to give to an exclusive bow group. I'm working on a landscape project and some other seasonal household chores. This week I had some dirt delivered and part of a fence replaced, but the rest of the work is up to me! Ribbon is DEFINITELY more fun that dirt. :)

I also hope to continue on Natalia's quilt, and plan to break out the serger in the coming months and make an actual clothing item. If you're looking for great fabric, you have to check out Calico Flamingo. She's got great fabric and is so sweet....even if she doesn't like birds, LOL! Maybe I wouldn't like them if I had been attacked four times, either!


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