Birdsong Bows: Anna Montana!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Anna Montana!

My older daughter, Anna, isn't always a willing model, so I've tried not to put pressure on her to model if she doesn't feel like it. I asked her if she wanted to model my latest bow set, or if I should ask Natalia (who's 2) to do it. Anna said, "As long as I can pretend to be Hannah Montana!" So, the photos in my auction are all of Anna pretending to be Hannah Montana. In one of them, she looks like she's falling over laughing...and she practically was. But it was nice to see her having fun. You just never know what goes on during a photo shoot....and now she's decided to change her name to Anna Montana!

Thanks to Journal Modiste for featuring my blog this week! I was so surprised. I was at work and hadn't looked at JM all day until a friend e-mailed me about the honor.


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