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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Keepin' creative indoors

With the amount of snow and cold weather we've had in northern Indiana this month, it's not hard to believe that our preferred activities are of the indoor variety -- crafting, coloring, and (I'm planning it now!) baking. I wish I were lover of outdoor winter sports, but frankly I'm just not! It's a struggle to get my butt outside to run when it's below 40 degrees.
So as I worked on boutique bow orders this morning, I set my youngest daughter up with a few sheets of paper and asked her to create some cards for her preschool teacher and the classroom aids. It's never to early to be creative, is it? Although she's got a persistent cough this week, her spirits are high and she had a lot of fun finishing her creations.

As she colored she noticed some deer running behind our house, and I snapped a photo of's like a hidden picture! (shot through a screen, hence the imperfections). Can you see it? Seeing deer isn't rare, but it's still always fun.

As the new year approaches, I'm thinking about all of the new plans I have on my agenda in 2011! Look for a new and improved blog as well as projects and ideas that will keep your creative juices flowing next year!



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