Birdsong Bows: Photography Month! Photography makes the listing, Part 3

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photography Month! Photography makes the listing, Part 3

This month I'm continuing to feature the work of some of the great photographers I've had a chance to work with, and give some tips about making photography work with your listings. One of those great photographers is Kate of Peekaboo Photography. I worked with her last year, and specifically wanted her to take some photos that could be the "face" of my brand.

I love the fanciful backgrounds that Kate uses, and she captures her little models in poses that look girly, cute, and natural. Kate and her husband, also a photographer, have three girls, and she certainly knows how to take photos with a fanciful quality that drips "girl!" When hiring a photographer, think both about the look you want for your product, but also the look you want for your shop. I knew Kate's photos would create the mood I was looking for when people entered the Birdsong Etsy store.

Below are beautiful photos Kate took of the Hannah flower and of two of my best-selling bow tutorials:

Take some time to browse Kates's work on her website!


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