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Friday, April 20, 2012

Free bow instructions: Decorating a picture frame with ribbon

I had my youngest daughter's photo in this plain brown frame, and decided it was time to dress it up! This project is great for an existing, plain frame in your home, or as a wonderful project to give to an expectant mother of a baby girl.

Supplies you'll need, in addition to the frame:
Hot glue gun/glue
Hand-sewing needle/thread
A small amount of one or two 7/8"-wide ribbons; at least one should be the same on both sides.
A way to seal your ribbon, either Fray Check or a wood-burning tool

Warm up your glue gun. Decide how long you want the borders to be, and cut two lengths of ribbon to this length. Mine are 6" for a frame that holds a 5x7 photo (below):

Seal the ends of the ribbon, and glue to corner as shown. I also did a "V" cut in the ribbon along the part that will show:

Thread your needle and knot the end, then set aside. Take your ribbon (still on the spool), and seal the top edge. Create a six-loop tuxedo bow, as shown in the photos below, by folding back and forth ... you may have made bows like this for packages, because they're so simple. Note: This folding process will not work with printed ribbon, since it's not the same on both sides. Start with the smallest two loops, and keep folding larger loops until you have three on each side:

When you're finished folding, cut and seal the ribbon on the back, then sew the bow together in the middle:

Cut a piece of ribbon to 2 1/2 inches long, and seal both ends. Fold over the center of the bow and glue to the back:

Glue to the corner of your frame (see first photo in post), and you're done!

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