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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Petite Cover Girls Accessories!

This week I am participating in the Petite Cover Girls lauch, pairing with designers paintedbutterflystudio and my*toot*toot* boutique. Above is a matching bow set for the popular snowman Smores fabric.

Then there's a bow set to match the adorable outfit by my*toot*toot*boutique:

The headband to match the Smores fabric is shown in the post below. Feel free to Buy it Now on eBay, or go to my Website and purchase it there!

Also, with the many changes upcoming on eBay in October, I will be starting my eBay listing prices at levels that more accurately reflect the average selling price of high-quality bow sets. Ebay boutique has become less about "auctions" and more about "buying at the starting bid" for most sellers, so you will begin to see more Buy-It-Nows from me, as well as start prices that already include shipping cost. I'm not trying to "bamboozle" anyone -- you can do the math and see that the shipping isn't actually free, but has been rolled into the auction starting price. But eBay will be offering better auction placement for FREE shipping, so I intend to work within the eBay system as best as I can. :) A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!


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