Birdsong Bows: A garden full of bows

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A garden full of bows

In my final auction before about a two-week break on eBay, I've listed this garden flower bow for the BowBetties Art Challenge. It's listed at .99 with no reserve; you may choose to purchase two. It's inspired by a Monet painting of his wife and child in front of his flower garden. Beautiful painting, and a bow that any little girl would love! Lots of frills, bling, flowers...and it's Anna's favorite color, PINK! Plus, I thought the toddler in the painting looked a lot like Natalia...and she's wearing a hair bow!

We finally seem to all be feeling better in my household right now. I'm hoping to get out this weekend and have some family fun. It's been cold here in northern Indiana since before Christmas and we finally broke 50 degrees today. Anna and Natalia had fun playing outside after school. Unfortunately we're going back into the 30s next week, but at least it was a hint that spring will be coming soon.


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