Birdsong Bows: December 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Final boutique bow listing of the year!

Happy holidays to everyone! I've listed my final auction of the year on eBay; a cute Valentine's Day set that's made to match the wonderful outfit by RoseyThreads. This is for our Boutique Icing Valentine's Day launch. Search Boutique Icing on eBay to see all the great coordinating pieces!

My Etsy store is closed until Dec. 26 to allow for a holiday break, and all orders from my website from Dec. 14-26 won't ship until the week of Dec. 28. Thanks for your understanding!

Meanwhile, this week and next I'm creating the spring line of bows for Adorables Children's Boutique. Their new Kate Mack and Mim-Pi lines will be shipping at the beginning of January, and my bows will be ready to ship with them! Check out their site; the boutique has some beautiful clothing!

On the homefront, all of my Christmas shopping is done. I made gifts for Anna's and Natalia's teachers, as well as some gifts for relatives and neighbors. Aside from children's toys (can't exactly find a Made in America Barbie), I try to either shop at local stores, buy or make handmade items, and otherwise stay away from made-in-China gifts. It's an important way to keep Americans on the job, or to promote fair wages in developing nations. If you're in the northern Indiana area, look for the ShoLo symbol at participating stores, or visit the Sholo Web site.

Happy holidays and have a safe new year!