Birdsong Bows: September 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Owl bows, Hoot Hoot!

This week I collaborated with The Calico Flamingo and Barefoot Divas in a launch for Berripop on eBay. It's called "Up Up and Away," and we created designs for anything that goes UP in the sky! Please check out BerriPop's listings!

Meanwhile, I've been selected for membership in the exclusive WisteriaLane Boutique. I'm looking forward to working with their designers as well.

I will be on vacation from Sept. 24 through Oct. 4 and am currently booked through Sept. 22. Ebay auctions will ship as usual, but other orders will be added to the schedule until the 24th, with the remainder going on my calendar after Oct. 4. :) I'm gearing up for the holiday selling season and taking a short trip to a quilt show! Can't wait for my yearly retreat. Hoping everyone stays strong and healthy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School - or is it Christmas?

Ok, I have a new photo to show but Blogger is not cooperating...stay tuned!

We have been so busy with the back-to-school season that I now finally have time to update the blog! School started here on Aug. 17, and preschool followed on the 24th. Getting everyone into the new routine - and tweaking my work schhedule around school, and now gymnastics for Natalia, has been challenging!

One new item - I have opened our Fan Page on Facebook. I've been using Facebook for some time, but now that the fan page is set up, I'll be adding all new designs there. Designs tend to arrive on Etsy or Ebay before they hit my Web site. Want to be a fan? Join us on Facebook!

Several new designs are in the works, especially for Christmas! My first new design for holiday 2009, "Holiday Rose," has been listed on Etsy; coming soon to eBay and the website.

Watch for an exciting announcement on Friday - looks like Birdsong Bows will be in a boutique near you! And...did I hear the Notre Dame Fight song? Hmmmm....