Birdsong Bows: Spring has sprung and I can't run

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring has sprung and I can't run

Aren't these just the prettiest running shoes ever? I bought them on March 4 because my feet were bothering me in my old pair, and I was training for a half-marathon. I wore them outside on March 6 in a glorious, 7-mile run. I had never run that far before, and was tickled to death.
But I developed a deep cough by the next day, and chose not to run. On March 8, one cough wrenched my back, pinched my sciatic nerve, and I knew my running training for the May half-marathon was over.
The pinched nerve sent shooting pain down my right leg. I couldn't walk. I could barely breathe. My 10-year-old had to help me put my pants on. I spent a day nearly immobile, and while I can walk now, I still have a slight limp, and the back of my leg and part of my foot are numb. My calf muscle is weak. I can bike (my quadriceps are not affected), but I can't walk fast or run.
To say I'm disappointed is an understatement! Sure, there will be other half-marathons to run, and I have no doubt that I will heal in time. But, for goodness sakes, I ran in January! In the snow! With spikes on my shoes so I wouldn't fall on the ice! All of this so that I could run strong and free in the spring, the glorious spring, with its milder temperatures and the songs of birds singing overhead. Darn it.
But, I guess I can still enjoy spring. Yesterday was the first day where it was nice enough for my younger daughter to push her baby dolls outside in a stroller. We saw the first spring flowers in our yard. Life is good. I will run again -- soon. I hope the Luck of the Irish is with me, and with you.



Blogger Mandy Beyeler said...

I have the same shoes!! I bought them to motivate myself to get a move on!

April 2, 2011 at 6:57 PM  

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