Birdsong Bows: Seasons of Change! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seasons of Change! :)

The eBay blackout is almost done, and I've got a few new bows scheduled for this week! Be on the lookout for the Spring Fling launch and another with Petite Cover Girls...several new items, sure to please! Currently, I have this fish bow for sale in my Etsy store:

I've been absent for a few days because our entire family developed the respiratory flu. Yes, we had our flu shots, but I guess this was the strain for which the shot didn't work! And yes, I just came off a bout with strep throat....but we had fevers and were pretty much down for the count. Anna felt better on Saturday and went to a birthday party. The rest of us pretty much suffered. I think I was on the couch or in bed more than any time in recent memory! My nose is still runny and stuffy but I hope to pull it together for work tomorrow. Maybe one more night of sleep will help? I bought some "immunity boosting" vitamins today. I don't care if they work just because they're placebos, LOL! I just need some immunity!

Because of some projects for work and other plans that will take some time away from bows, my listings will be sparse in March. Gymbo bows will mostly be by request unless I have time to make some for listing. If you're planning on buying for Easter, please order no later than March 14 for timely delivery. Thanks...and let's all gear up for SPRING! I know I'm ready!


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