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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Falling For Winter bows

It always seems I start winding my business down this time of year, just when winter sales begin heating up! It may be the weather, the back-to-school illnesses that bring us down, or the need to start work on my own holiday projects, but I seem to cut back on guest launches and focus on just one or two new designs a week, as well as taking care of my regular customers. That's why my Etsy store will be closed for another week - I've got some bows to complete, and I'm working on making some gifts for my daughters' teachers. I know if I don't start now, they'll never get done!

But I've got two styles up this week - a beautiful penguin bow to match paintedbutterflystudios design for the WisteriaLane holiday launch. Hurry, 'cuz there are only two left! And I've still got bows available for Gymboree's panda line. The new Gymbo lines -- one with horses and one with gingerbreads -- came out this week, and I will be working on bows to match those sets as well. I'm taking a trip to the popular store today to match ribbon colors.

This weekend we finally made it to the pumpkin patch and did a little raking. Winter seems to have come early here in northern Indiana, and it's been cold most of the month. This past Sunday was nice and sunny, so we went out (and I was able to practice some photography as well). The girls had so much fun!


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