Birdsong Bows: Free Hair Bow Instructions - Quick way to make spikes for layered boutique bows

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Hair Bow Instructions - Quick way to make spikes for layered boutique bows

The gal who works as my "hand model," Laura, came by on Thursday evening so I could take photographs for an upcoming e-book (the above photo, of course, is NOT Laura, but sweet Olivia, modeling for A Hope and a Wish Photography). Someone asked me once if Laura is a hand model because she's not attractive enough to be a "real" model, LOL! Truth is, Laura is a very pretty first-grade teacher who does this on the side for me. It's too dark in my house at night to take a flattering portrait photo, but I'll take one soon of Laura and post it. She thought it was funny that someone would assume she was less-than-facially-blessed.
So while she was here, I shot some photos of this really simple way to make spikes for layered hair bows. I normally make my cuts freehand, but this is quick and simple and I might do it this way more often! Hope you enjoy this quick tip.

"Spikes" of 7/8" ribbon in the size you desire
Heat-sealing tool, like a lighter or woodburner

1. Fold your spike in half length-wise, as shown below.

2. Make a cut from the outside, "free" edge and angle it down toward the folded edge.

3. Open the ribbon and marvel at your FABulous skills with the scissors.

4. Seal the ends with your choice of sealing equipment (lighter or woodburning tool, shown below). I'd move my thumb a little farther away from the heat, but truth be told, the woodburner wasn't on here and I'm counting on the use of your imagination that it "could" be on.

Complete this with both ends of all of your spikes, and voila, perfectly formed pretties for your layered boutique bows! This tip is an addition to my PDF e-book instructions on how to make layered boutique bows.
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