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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I know where my priorities are

A couple of years after moving into our house in 1996, I got into sewing and quilting. And all I wanted for my birthday was some shelves and lighting so I could work in bright light in our finished portion of the basement. I painted, then put in new carpet, and bought the items that my husband installed.
It soon turned into a combo hair-bow-making/sewing area, but it works for me. I keep it relatively organized (I'm not perfect and envy those who have every item standing like little soldiers and no mess on the table). Note the careful painting (don't laugh at the sponge painting; this was the 90s and it was "in" then, and I haven't had time to re-do it).
Obviously, crafting is my passion.
Now, view a portion of my kitchen:

Brown and harvest gold, circa 1978. Note the trim around the door that's unfinished, because the refrigerator was slightly too big and we had to remove the regular trim and add this flat board.
Can you tell where my priorities are?
To be fair, it's a lot more costly to re-do a kitchen than a craft and sewing room, but STILL, I should have gotten around to painting that trim. I just don't find myself at home in the kitchen, like I do in the sewing room. When it's time to bring in baked goods for school functions, you'll find me at the grocery store, looking for something that appears like it could be homemade. But if they need me to help make banner? I'll be there, toting my hot glue gun with bells on.
Of course, I do enjoy cooking, sometimes. But mainly I cook to eat. I bake to make the kids happy. But getting "lost" in my work in the kitchen? Hahaha...can you see me ROTFLMBO?
Right now I'm working my tail off on two exciting projects that will be unveiled next week. One is a new tutorial, if the stars align properly and it all gets done. Right now I'm waiting on a couple of pictures and need to finish the design. The other is a BIG, FUN DEAL and I can't wait to share. You'll hear more early next week, so stay tuned. :)
Don't forget the photo contest! See the previous post on how to enter. Entries will be accepted through Friday. You'll be able to win a $10 gift certificate to Birdsong Bows and Patterns!



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