Birdsong Bows: New Pattern: The Ribbon Star (Étoile) Ornament or Pendant

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Pattern: The Ribbon Star (Étoile) Ornament or Pendant

Last year I waited until the very last minute to create a PDF pattern for the holidays, and this year I decided I was not going to wait! The latest Birdsong pattern, the Ribbon Étoile, is a beautiful holiday ornament when made from 1 1/2" ribbon. But when made with 5/8" ribbon, it's a stunning accessory to wear! In the e-book I demonstrate it as a pendant or an ornament, but you can use it as a hat or hair accessory, a package topper, or as an embellishment for a sash, coat or purse.
This tutorial is great for beginners. These embellishments are great for crafting if you're a passenger in a car, or if you're watching TV or relaxing. The technique is based on the ribbon work techniques from the 1920s. In old magazines, you'll see these referred to as "cockades." Enjoy trying out this latest pattern!

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