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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shop feature: Whitesuggar's Creations

Because I've met so many fabulous designers through my business, I'm going to write an occasional feature on some shops I know you'll love visiting! Additionally, as I focus more on my pattern/tutorial business, I find myself with less time to fill orders for customers. I want to direct you to some other terrific designers! I know you'll enjoy buying from the shops I'm featuring.
Yudelca, whose shops on Etsy, Whitesuggar's Creations, and her own website not only feature beautiful accessories, but the photographs in her shop are To Die For! She says, "I got inspired in creating hair accessories when my little princess Sadie was born. I found it so difficult to find accessories for her at local shops and when searching online they were too expensive. So I checked out some tutorials and started creating them for my daughter. I started liking my creations and my daughter received lots of compliments for them. That is when I decided to offer them to the world at affordable prices!"

Yudelca started creating accessories in December 2009 and began selling on Etsy in early 2010. Another bonus when working with Yudelca: She's also fluent en español.

If you link to Whitesuggar's Creations newsletter, you can receive 15% off your order on either her Etsy shop or her website. Be sure to stop into Whitesuggar's Creations and take a look around!



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