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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heat Sealed

There are so many fantastic designers who sell on eBay that it makes my head spin! Each time I take a moment to browse, which isn't often enough, I love what I see. One of my new e-boutique friends, Amy of funky*monkey*boutique, is offering this design ... isn't it cute (and so is her daughter!)

Thanks to all who have offered song suggestions. You know, all of this music talk got me thinking about the names of bands. I'm really in love with a couple of songs by The Fray. Would The Fray be as popular if it had a slightly upbeat name, like The Joy? And that doesn't even nearly compare with other bands with names that can only be described as....well...different?? Whatever you want to call names like Trip Hizzle, LOL. We Americans like self-deprecating themes (it doesn't pay to be TOO sappy-happy-joy-joy, now does it?). There's a reason the happy little icon Hello Kitty was not invented here!

So in that spirit, I welcome your posts about possible band names, if you and your friends decided to create a band and named it after your hobby. I'm looking for hip, funny, original names that sound like they can actually BE band names.

I'll run this promotion through February 15. Post your best names as replies to this post. My favorite will get a pair of 3-inch Anna-style bows from Birdsong Bows. If you're a bow maker, we'll work something else out. Seriously! I'll get you started (feel free to add your own variations to the theme if I've already stolen yours. I will not choose my own, I promise. They are not that good):

A Bowmaker band: Heat Sealed

A stained-glassmakers band: Jagged Edges

You get the drift! Now post your replies and be merry (just not TOO merry)!


Blogger Amy said...

a SAHM Band - "Plain Crazy"

a hairdresser's Band "The Split Endz"

okay I admit, not too creative...that happens in the wee hours here at this house!

January 31, 2008 at 6:24 PM  

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