Birdsong Bows: St. Patrick's Day Bows!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Bows!!

OK, so I'm teasing you. I do not have any pictures of St. Patrick's Day bows. I meant to make them this week (along with a new headband). I also meant to make some bows to send for launches at the end of February. However, I've been exhausted and have just been filling orders, rather than making any new designs. But I found out today I have strep throat! So this is the "strep throat excuse." Hopefully this is the last time I will have to use that one. But the bows are coming, I promise!!

One of the talented designers I'm working with at the end of February (and I actually got that bow set done and sent to the model!) is Honee of calicoflamingo. This is a closeup of a current set she's offering....just a couple of days left! I think it's perfect for girls who have outgrown the super-frilly twirls, or for more casual days for the littlest girls. I'm just giving you a taste of it here...I really would love you to peek at her auction!


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